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    Introduction - So You Want to be an NCS?

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Lead Instructor

Chevelle Frederick

Chevelle is a well-known CACHE certified NCS and Master Newborn Care Specialist® with 9 years of experience caring for infants and over 10,000 hours of hands-on care exclusively with newborns. In 2021 alone, she has had the pleasure of working with 14 newborns and infants. She also has training in sleep conditioning, lactation education, new parent education as well as her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology and has been a past member of the International Nanny Association. First and foremost, Chevelle is passionate about babies and has a heart for families. She enjoys educating and empowering parents with a logical, common sense approach and evidence-based information during the transitional phases of life as a new family. She also has a level head and is the voice of reason in our global caregiver community. In addition, she is a mentor and advocate for new NCSs just discovering themselves in this amazing field. She’s an amazing entrepreneur with an awesome vision for this industry. Before transitioning into childcare, Chevelle began her career in clinical research and loved it for over 12 years. Through a few major life changes, she found herself interested in pursuing a degree in psychology (with a minor in anthropology). She jokes that she began nannying in college (like most nannies), only Chevelle went to college in her 40s! Though she had a late start in this career field, she’s found her true passion. Once she finished her degree, she went into nannying full time. In 2016 she became a Newborn Care Specialist. Chevelle originally hails from San Diego but moved to Dallas in 2005. She’s a mother of 2 amazing kids- who are all grown up and crushing in their own lives. When she's not working on agency business, working with families directly or mentoring new NCSs, she enjoys hitting the driving range, trying out new restaurants and traveling the world.