Newborn Care Solutions® Foundational program is great for newer NCS, nannies, doulas and experienced infant daycare workers to strengthen and deepen their newborn knowledge.

This course goes IN-DEPTH into many areas that other program only touch on.

We teach recognizing possible signs of conditions such as postpartum mood disorders, torticollis, tongue tie, reflux, food allergies, brachial plexus injuries and more. 

In addition, we teach all the business basics you need to get started—an NCS focused resume, elevator pitch, working with agencies and doing it on your own. 

More than any other “starting” program out there, this program gets you truly ready to enter the NCS world. And if you simply want to have a solid newborn base as a nanny, there is no better way to get it! This course has been described over and over again as “NOT NCS 101”.

What We Cover In This Course

  • What is an NCS and how is that different from a Doula, Night Nanny or Traditional Nanny

  • Doula: Define/explain similarities and differences

  • Night Nanny: Define/explain similarities and differences

  • Traditional Nanny: Define/explain similarities and differences

  • Contracts with clients: What needs to be in it? Do I really need it?

  • Liability insurance: Do I need it? Why? Where can I get it?

  • Tax Overview: What are my tax obligations? Does my client pay taxes on me? My client wants to pay me with a business check?

  • Basic Newborn Care Head to toe-hair, scalp, skin, eyes, nose, ears, neck, under arm, umbilical cord, circumcision, non-circumcised, labial and vaginal care, anal and rectal care including diaper rash types and treatments, nails, bathing, feeding including breast feeding, bottle feeding (both breast milk and formula), what you need to know about formulas and options, medication dispensing and liability, diapering and swaddling

  • Building a Nursery “must have” list, one for you (those things you require every client have if you work for them, and one for them (the suggested items to stock in the nursery)

  • View Course Curriculum below for a complete course outline


Prerequisites: Must have prior experience working with infants in a professional setting, either as a nanny or as a daycare provider (or similar capacity). If you have not had any prior experience with infants; we can refer you to a program more geared toward your needs and then after successful completion, you can return to take our Foundational program. Minimum age: 18 years old.

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  • 1


    • How To Navigate

    • Introduction

    • Newborn Care Training Workbook

    • Overview

    • [Part 1] What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

    • [Part 2] What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

    • [Part 3] What Is a Newborn Care Specialist?

    • What Is a Night Nanny?

    • What Is a Doula?

    • Do I need to be Certified?

    • What Is a Traditional Nanny?

  • 2


    • The Newborn, Head to Toe

    • The Newborn Head Appearance & Care

    • Cradle Cap

    • The Newborn Head Facial Appearance & Care

    • Concerns of the Head & Neck Part 1

    • Concerns of Head & Neck Part 2

    • Brachial Plexus

    • Characteristics of non-Caucasian Babies

  • 3


    • Caring for the Newborn Body

    • Nails and Toes

    • Diaper Rash - Types & Treatments

    • Bathing a Baby

    • [Part 1] Feeding a Newborn

    • [Part 2] Feeding a Newborn

    • Medications & the Newborn

    • Diapering a Newborn

  • 4


    • [Part 1] The Nursery Must Have List

    • [Part 2] The Nursery Must Have List

  • 5


    • [Part 1] Special Needs of Preemies

    • [Part 2] Special Needs of Preemies

    • [Part 3] Special Needs of Preemies

    • Swaddling a Preemie Baby

  • 6


    • [Part 1] Caring for a Postpartum Mom

    • [Part 2] Caring for a Postpartum Mom

    • Postpartum Mood Disorders

    • Bringing Up Concerns

    • Helping Support a Breastfeeding Mom

  • 7


    • Caring for Multiples

    • Vehicles and Car Seats

    • Sleep for Multiples

    • Feeding Multiples

    • Everyone is Crying

    • Recognizing Signs of Various Feeding Issues

  • 8


    • [Part 1] How to Help Relieve Reflux

    • [Part 2] How to Help Relieve Reflux

  • 9


    • Signs of Tongue & Lip Tie

    • Assessing for Tongue Tie

  • 10


    • Pyloric Stenosis - Signs & Treatment

  • 11


    • Cleft Lip and Cleft Palette

  • 12


    • Food Allergies & Intolerances

    • What is the Difference Between an Allergy & Intolerance

    • The Big 8 Allergens

  • 13


    • Swaddling Demos

    • To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle

    • Swaddle Options

  • 14


    • The Physiology of Sleep

    • Sleep Training

    • My Methods

    • How Much Sleep Does A Baby Need

  • 15


    • Getting Your NCS Business Going

    • Taxes, Legal & Insurance Implications

  • 16


    • Contracts - Do I Need One

    • What Goes into a Contract

    • How Do I Get Paid

    • I have a potential Client on the Phone - Now What?

  • 17


    • Working with Agencies

  • 18


    • Ten Americans

    • So My Clients Say They Want To Go Green

    • Sample Documents

  • 19


    • CAPPA CEU's or CACHE Certification Exam

    • Join Our Facebook Group

    • Download Your Badges

Meet Your Instructors

Founder & Senior Instructor

Tonya Sakowicz

Tonya is an INA Credentialed Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, CAPPA trained Postpartum Doula and Parent Educator who does both consulting and in-home sleep conditioning and newborn care for her clients as well as the Owner and Director of Education for Newborn Care Solutions - the only company to offer the Master NCS® training program. Tonya attended Central Washington University, has over 35+ years of experience as a Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist and is a proud wife and mother of two children. She is also a certified Eco-Maternity Consultant and Green Birth Educator through her partner company, Baby Go Green.


Danielle Bujnak

Danielle is an experienced Early Childhood Educator, with many years of experience caring for and guiding infants and young children and their families in a wide variety of settings. She is licensed by the state of California at the “Master Teacher” and “Site Supervisor” levels, permitting her to run a multi- classroom preschool or daycare for ages birth to 7 years, and to guide and mentor other teachers in best practices for these ages.

After completing a graduate-level certificate in Early Childhood Education, Danielle is currently pursuing an MSc in Infant & Toddler Development following the Constructivist approach (inspired by Reggio Emilia). She has also committed herself to intensive in-person training from the American Academy of Pediatrics in the following related fields: Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and Advanced Pediatric Life Support, and has pursued formal training in Nonviolent Crisis Prevention & Intervention (CPI), “Nanny Be Safe,” Positive Behaviour Intervention, Nonviolent/Collaborative Communication, Orton-Gillingham (Multi-Sensory Education), RIE Foundations for Professionals, and she has long-standing familiarity with the Montessori and Waldorf approaches to early childhood. She is also a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T.) with specialized training for pediatric patients.


Chanice Ford

Chanice Ford is a certified doula, newborn care specialist, and infant sleep coach. Ever since she was a girl, Chanice took a special interest in the fields of obstetrics, pediatrics, and midwifery – all professions geared toward supporting new families from bump to baby – and she began her career in 2001. Her every experience in life guided her toward her true calling as a postpartum doula: a trained professional who assists parents in a smooth recovery from childbirth.

Chanice is a powerful teacher, speaker, and friend, and her listeners feel her authenticity ring through in every interaction. Her motto is “exceed expectations, every time”, as countless satisfied families can attest. Her clients' favorite thing about working with Chanice is the down-to-earth, comfortable presence she brings to the table – they know their thoughts and plans are safe with her. Chanice's heart feels full to bursting when she leaves a client feeling confident and like an old friend; and when spending quality time with her husband and daughter.