Many times as a Newborn Care Specialist or Experienced Postpartum Doula, you might know the “how” of what we do, but do you really know the “why”?

In this course you'll learn:
  • Advanced Sleep Conditioning Techniques

  • Advanced Infant Feeding: the science behind breastmilk, formula and alternatives, plus working with babies with cleft palate, babies on feeding tubes and other specialty devices.

  • Infant Brain Development and how sleep, nutrition and environment impact newborn brain development

  • Working with Premature Babies (with special information from Annie Duguid, Newborn Care Solutions Preemie Expert)

  • Special Needs Car Seat Use for Preemies (Lisa Cote, CPST)

  • Working with Multiples: twins, triplets and more! (guest presenter: Marly Driskell, 2015 INA Nanny of the Year and Newborn Care Solutions Expert)

  • Alternative Care Options for Common Infant Ailments

  • Working for High Profile Clients (special guest, Gary Cockerham, Estate Manager and DEMA 2015 Service Provider of the Year)

  • Difficulties in the NCS World and how to handle them>

  • Better Business Practices

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Why This Course?

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Understanding the science behind things helps you communicate better to your clients the reasons WHY sleep is so important to infant brain development, why a preemie must be watched closely for signs of illnesses common to them and possible issues such as Reactive Attachment Disorder.

This course looks intensively into things such as infant brain development, working with premature infants, working with higher order multiples, what high-profile and high net worth clients are really looking for, business and how fast it is changing and how you as an NCS you can keep up and much, much more. 

This course is perfect for an experienced NCS or postpartum doula who wants to really deepen and broaden their knowledge base and bring a new level of expertise to their clients.


Prerequisite: Newborn Care Solutions Foundational Training Program.

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    • How To Navigate

    • Introduction

    • Newborn Care Solutions Advanced Training Weekend Program Workbook

  • 2


    • Intro and & Infant Brain Development - Part 1

    • Infant Brain Development - Part 2

    • Better Business Practices - Part 1

    • Better Business Practices - Part 2

    • Better Business Practices - Part 3

    • Managing Multiples - Part 1

    • Managing Multiples - Part 2

    • Managing Multiples - Part 3

    • Managing Multiples - Part 4

    • Managing Multiples - Part 5

    • Working With High Profile Clients

    • Infant Feeding

    • Working with Preemies

    • Car Seat Safety

    • Problems in the NCS World - Part 1

    • Problems in the NCS World - Part 2

    • Problems in the NCS World - Part 3

    • Problems in the NCS World - Part 4

    • Problems in the NCS World - Part 5

    • Alternative Care Options

    • Advanced Sleep Conditions - Part 1

    • Advanced Sleep Conditions - Part 2

    • Advanced Sleep Conditions - Part 3

    • Advanced Sleep Conditions - Part 4

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Meet Your Instructor

Founder & Senior Instructor

Tonya Sakowicz

Tonya is an INA Credentialed Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, CAPPA trained Postpartum Doula and Parent Educator who does both consulting and in-home sleep conditioning and newborn care for her clients as well as the Owner and Director of Education for Newborn Care Solutions - the only company to offer the Master NCS® training program. Tonya attended Central Washington University, has over 35+ years of experience as a Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist and is a proud wife and mother of two children. She is also a certified Eco-Maternity Consultant and Green Birth Educator through her partner company, Baby Go Green.