for Newborns, Infants & Toddlers

This course is an excellent resource to spark your professional creativity, and boost your continuing professional development.

This course provides comprehensive background information, practical understanding, and hands-on experience with major elements of four popular early childhood approaches and practices, which are currently associated with the movement towards “Respectful” child care: Steiner/Waldorf®, Montessori, RIE®/Pikler®, and Reggio Emilia. 

Students will complete the course with an understanding of some important commonalities and differences between these programs, specific ideas and discussion of how to implement this type of care in their professional practice as nannies and newborn care specialists, and also how to support a client family who wish to implement one or more of these approaches in their home. 

Additionally, the course provides a solid introduction to current research in the field of neuroscience, which supports the evidence-based practice of respectful relationship-based care for infants and children as a critical component of the healthy growth and development of the child. 

Further, our investigation in the course demonstrates why those four particular approaches have withstood the test of time and become classics throughout the world: because they provide support for the key needs which have been identified by this research, in the healthy unfolding of infant and child development.  

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